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About Hitachi-GE

Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. – or Hitachi-GE – is the company that has brought the UK ABWR to the UK. We are a joint venture between two of the world’s leading companies, Hitachi, Ltd. and General Electric Company (GE).

Since the introduction of the BWR technology into Japan by GE in the 1960s, Hitachi has participated in the design, development and construction of nuclear power plants within Japan.

We were formed in July 2007 and are owned 80.01% by Hitachi and 19.99% by GE. Both companies have a long history of experience in the nuclear industry. We have been involved in the construction of 4 ABWRs and in the license application of 2 nuclear power plants. We are now working to take the UK ABWR through its first stages of regulatory review for development in Britain.

We are known as the ‘Requesting Party’ for Generic Design Assessment (GDA). For more information on the GDA, visit our GDA page.

We are the lead contractor to Horizon Nuclear Power, which has plans to develop and construct the UK ABWR at their two proposed sites, on the Isle of Anglesey and in South Gloucestershire. Horizon was acquired by Hitachi Ltd. in 2012.